AxxessConnect Video Surveillance System provides automatic wide area protection, sniper detection and repels intruders and trespassers. You receive remote, real-time video monitoring 24/7 with the all-weather automatic detection, tracking and deterrence system.  

Each system monitors and covers areas 7 and a half square miles per second covering multiple target tracking and archiving information through an embedded solution processor IP LAN/WAN Communication.

Video tours are conducted to enhance safety of your business, identify hazards, emergencies and outages. This same video surveillance system allows you to use the available of cameras to chaperone employees safely to their vehicles when leaving work late or to closely monitor after-hours activity.

The systems are easy to install and operate.  

Remote monitoring is available via computer, smartphone, or tablets. You are able to view events in real time to provide invaluable information to the responders.

Video Surveillance
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